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Considering Some Help at Home?

Considering Some Help at Home?

When is the right time to consider home care for my loved one?
There are countless signs & symptoms that are as personal to the individual as the people who ask themselves this question. In almost all cases, there are “trigger events” or occurrences that signals a greater need for assistance – both for the client, family and friends who may be increasingly challenged by the increased responsibilities of providing the required care and support. Of course with the increased level of family assistance required to care for an older family member so does the level of stress associated with it. Time, vigilance, reminders, safety, worry and concern are all real things… we as loving family members worry about.

Clients are also concerned about the potential burden they may have become on those family members and friends who spend considerable time to ensure their well-being and safety. However, clients are also concerned that opting to going into a nursing home they will lose their social status, individualism, freedom, dignity and independence.

The best of both worlds is Home Care. It mitigates all the worries & concerns while preserving and enhancing their social status, individualism, freedom, dignity and independence. Best of all they stay in the home they know and love.

Here are just a few typical “trigger events” to watch for:

  • Losing a driver’s license and the freedom to get around
  • A fall that results in reduced mobility or fear of reoccurrence
  • A hospital stay or procedure that results in the need for temporary care during the healing process
  • An event whereby the person seems to forget where they were and or how to get back home
  • Personal appearances (grooming & dressing) do not quite match their former selves
  • Food stocks in the refrigerator are not what they used to be & expiration dates on food items are overdue
  • New fear of being left alone
  • Social disengaged with family and friends (perhaps trying to hide some areas of potential concern)
  • Declining health and or forgetting to take prescribed medications

Source – In Our Care – Home Care Service.

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