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Emergency Lifeline Support

Emergency Lifeline Support

Lifeline is a medical alert service that gives older adults or anybody with chronic medical conditions the confidence to continue to live independently and their family can be most comfortable leaving them there when they are gone. Falling among adults can be the leading cause of death, but it can be prevented. Lifeline support can be a system that can protect people who fall and might be living alone. The protection is for themselves and their family, so if they fall, their lifeline alert will alert medical professionals to come to the location to ensure the person is safe.

Residential care communities require this for their residents to ensure their safety after hours and the middle of the night. When looking for a community to live in, having a lifeline as a requirement is a great option to know about. Often times, insurance companies will cover the cost of these. Personal help buttons can be a lifesaver for a senior. Philips Lifeline is a company that can provide you with one that is perfect for your home or community. If you live in the Eugene area, the Gerontology Institute at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center can help assist you in purchasing one.

Source – New Horizons In-Home Care.

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